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    Hi, I am a member of a GAA club in Tyrone who are discussing Heart Screening for our youth teams at present. I am the club physio and feel it is essential that we do this especially as we have had three incidents in the last 12 months were 3 of our players collapsed either while playing or directly afterwards. One of these players are still being investigated while the other two have had the all clear, thankfully. However, a few members of our club committee have been informed that any positive findings in the heart screening process will affect the ability of the child in later life to obtain a life assurance for a mortgage. This 'rumour' has prevented the club in the past from screening our young players. Can anyone confirm if screening can affect life assurance in later life? I do not personally think this should stop us screening our players but this unfortunately seems to be the position of the club at present. i would be grateful to hear from anyone with any other information regarding screening and this particular point.
    • CommentAuthorKeith
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2009
    Sad but true I know all to well about life assurance and if I had my way there would be no need for life assurance they take take take and when it comes down to the nitty gritty they just drop you. I have first hand experience at it I had a cardiac arrest and was then in a medically induced coma for 26 hours and when my broker came out to me and he organised my life assurance claim they rejected it on the grounds that I was not seriously ill. I then was told that they would be increasing the premium and when I went to move insurance companys no one was anyway interested in me so if you do screen these kids yes it probably will have some affect in there future but if they are not screened some and hopefully not to many might not have a future, good luck trying to do the right thing screening that is.
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